Advanced Treatments

Advanced Treatments

1Hair Restoration Program

Hair loss in some degree occurs in all men and women as they and occurs in specific patterns. Genetic and hormonal factors trigger patterned baldness, which is the most common cause of hair loss. Receding hair may start from a person’s mid 20’s and noticeably in their mid 50’s. When hair loss is premature or severe, this can cause distress to a person.

Scientifically based and a multi-treatment program approach which is individualized will slow or reduce hair loss and most of all stimulate partial regrowth.

2Non-Surgical Facelift and Tightening

The skin gradually loses its firm and youthful appearance as we age. Reduction in the elasticity, strength and quality of the collagen in our skin, leads to the appearance of wrinkles, folds, laxity and loss of its luminosity.

Non-invasive, energy-based technologies such as HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) can promote new, healthy collagen which results in skin tightening, contouring and wrinkle reduction. It is a Non-surgical, no downtime, in-clinic procedure for lifting and tightening of sagging skin of the brows, cheeks, lower face (jowls), jawline and neck.

This procedure is your next best thing to an actual face lift.

Results are long lasting and occur gradually but dramatically over time.

3Body Sculpting Programs

Certain areas of the body contains fat pockets or bulges that no amount of exercise can get rid of. Implementing non-surgical and multi-treatment approach is best way to address these stubborn areas.

4Laser Hair Removal

Our Medical Grade Lasers can address both light and dark skin types targets hair at the beginning of their growth cycle by pulsing gentle beams of light into the hair follicles preventing hair from growing back.

Less sessions are needed compared to treatments using Intense Pulse Light systems.

5Hyperhidrosis Treatment Program

Otherwise known as excessive sweating, this condition affects more than 2 to 3 percent of the population. Sweating is the body’s response to cool itself; however, some people produce more sweat for cooling.

Initial assessment will be focused on establishing the causes or trigger mechanisms on why the person sweats excessively in an area. Individualized and comprehensive treatment plans will focus on utilizing from the minimally invasive treatment modalities to advanced medical treatments available e.g. Use of anti-perspirant to radiofrequency treatments and injections.